Below are some of the games I have made on my own time. All are available online.

Demon Days is a 2D story-based adventure game made in Unity. In it, a girl wakes up to find that her hometown is full of monsters. I created the Demon Days demo over the course of 3 months, featuring the introductory story, overworld area, and a rhythm section. All of the art, code, music, dialogue, and design was created by myself. The Demon Days demo has been shown at the 2018 MassDigI Game Challenge, Worcester Games Mega Meet Up 2017, Worcester Polytechnic Institute's 2017 Winter Showfest. link is here


Become Egg is a 3D arcade-style score-based game.  In Become Egg, the player controls an egg rolling through a lush forest, collecting egg companions and avoiding enemies. Become Egg was initially created as part of a 24 hour game jam, but has been polished further outside of it. The music, code, design, and enemy's 3D model were done by myself. Become Egg has been shown at Worcester Polytechnic Institute's 2017 D-Term Showfest and TouchTomorrow 2017. link is here


Happy Farm Time is another 2D story-based adventure game. The player starts in a farm, where the farmer tells the player not to go left at an upcoming fork in the road. Any time the player goes left, the game appears to crash and restart, though this event is in fact what progresses the game. As the player continues to go left, the game begins to glitch, and the farmer gets more and more upset that his world is being destroyed. All of the art, code, music, dialogue, and design was created by myself. link is here